The quality process

The quality process

The market for frozen seafood is very regulated.

Globalim by its action on this market must be qualitative in all its actions as well to its suppliers as to its customers.

The durability of GLOBALIM (20 years of existence) offers a strong guarantee of seriousness and professionalism.

GLOBALIM is today endowed with a quality service paying attention to the whole regulatory framework of its activity to all its publics (customers, suppliers, institutional)

Working with GLOBALIM means integrating a global quality approach:

  • With respect to the customer:
    • Control of the goods at the supplier,
    • Control of deliveries and respect of delivery times,
    • Control of goods on delivery,
    • Visit suppliers for sourcing control
    • Adaptation of the conditions of regulation
    • Master the cold chain
    • Product test phase at the supplier.


  • With respect to the supplier
    • Control and control of the transport
    • Weekly contact for tracking orders and projections
    • Adjustment of the terms of payment


  • With respect to commercial regulations
    • Continuous watch on customs and commercial regulations
    • Choice of authorized forwarders
    • Choosing reliable local partners